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Aims of the Network

To enhance existing links with national/international experts, companies and research institutions within the diverse field of medical devices and materials. To extend the network to new developments in the healthcare sector with the intention of implementing advanced technologies in the fields of bioengineering, biomedical materials, biomaterials, biocomputational simulation and design and development of medical devices.

To encourage and provide awareness to healthcare professionals of advances being made in materials technologies, bioengineering, imaging, tissue engineering and medical device modelling. Here, the emphasis would be placed on the functional response and characteristics of biomaterials and devices together with the integrated approaches needed for the assessment of their physical, biochemical and mechanical properties.

To ensure increased contact with industry to promote technology transfer and to develop novel solutions in the fields of biomedical materials, biomaterials and medical device technology. In order to achieve these aims and strengthen the network partners from Universities of Leuven, Milan and Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, which are major European centres of research in biomedical engineering and biomaterials, will join the network.

Objectives of the Network

To form a network of experts from the fields of bioengineering, biomaterials engineers, biophysicists, biomechanicians, clinicians and medical device manufacturers/industry to meet specific needs relating to the MEDITECH network.

To expand the existing web-site to include and interact with other national and international centres with particular emphasis being placed on pan-European initiatives. This is important since the proposed FPVl framework is encouraging large European Networks of Excellence and Integrated Projects in which the members of the MEDITECH would wish to participate.

Provide a forum to identify and encourage collaborative research proposals in emerging technologies that are novel and innovative.

To promote collaboration between healthcare professions, scientists, engineers and manufacturers to encourage rapid implementation of new technologies (biodegradable implants, bioactive materials, imaging, tissue engineering, implant coatings, computer aided device modelling etc) that can be exploited by UK and European based industries.

Organise research/industrial workshops to identify emerging technologies and provide a mechanism for collaborative projects. (This has been very successful in the previous network)

Promote and disseminate information between academics and industry at an international level. This will be encouraged through staff/student/industrial contact and exchange.

To provide a network with increased membership of research and academic partners, links to other organisations, professional bodies and funding agencies. A news bulletin board will also provide information on conferences, seminars, meetings/exhibitions and research and development project and job vacancies. Members will also be regularly updated on the network activities.

Researchers, clinicians and engineers are welcome to join this network. The network will provide contacts with various funding agencies and assist in forming partnerships for industrial and academic collaborations with particular reference to the forthcoming EU Frameworks..